Home Office: Work as an Amazon Affiliate and earn Money

Recommend products through the Amazon affiliate program and earn money with it. How this works, what the requirements are and how much you can earn with it is explained in detail in this article!

Earn money with product recommendations – is that really possible? If you research how to make money online on Google or YouTube, you will have come across the term affiliate marketing . But what exactly is it and what does Amazon have to do with it? Although affiliate marketing has always struggled with the prejudice that it is not a serious business activity, it is basically classic referral marketing that has always been part of the marketing mix. Affiliate marketing is not a dubious method, but a completely legitimate marketing tool.

Referral marketing means that you recommend a product to other people and receive a commission on the sale if the purchase is successful. This is an ideal opportunity for companies, because affiliate marketers advertise the products free of charge and are only paid for a successful sale.